Software and IP that enables all things wholesale-to-retail.

Our patented technology enables digital retailers to source quality used cars for a better online experience at an unbelievable price. Our platform allows buyers to search, test drive and buy from the dealership of their choice.

How it works

Wippy enables digital retailers to market wholesale vehicles directly to retail buyers.

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Digital wholesale inventory without the capital cost.

Don’t let your customers spend money on things that don’t add value. Get the info required for you to sell more vehicles with less inventory and overhead.

  • Sales Cost
  • Wholesale Inspection & Photos
  • Transport to Dealership
  • Wholesale price

Save up to 10%

or more

  • Dealership Carrying Costs
  • Auction Fees
  • Sales Cost
  • Wholesale Inspection & Photos
  • Transport to Dealership
  • Wholesale price

Traditional Price

More middlemen means less profit.

Most used vehicles in the US go through 15 middlemen before owners.
That’s expensive, slow and requires a lot of capital.



Average remarketing costs as a percentage of cost of vehicle

Time Consuming


Average number of days for a consignor to get paid for a vehicle.

Capital Intensive


Example amount of consignor balance sheet

Learn how Wippy’s software platforms can help you.

Inefficiency is costing consumers over $30 billion in the US alone every year.

Total U.S. Used Car Sales
$760 Billion
72.5% Sales at Dealerships
Used Cars @ Dealerships
$551 Billion
55% Vehicles Via Remarketing
Remarketing + Dealerships
$303 Billion

When you cut out the middlemen, you could cut over 11% from the cost of the vehicle.

In the U.S., that’s an opportunity of:

$33.3 Billion

Eliminate the Extra Steps with Wippy Technology.

Wippy helps turn wholesale data gathered at the beginning of the process into retail listings that can be used by:

  • Online Dealderships
  • Auction Houses
  • Ecommerce Platforms
  • Physical Consign & Peer-to-Peer
  • Referral Generation
  • Traditional Consignors
Wippy technology processes the raw data

Cut costs, increase inventory and reduce risks.

Inventory Boost
Increase inventory digitally with established wholesale relationships
Higher Lift
We eliminate 11% of the cost of the vehicle, creating higher lifts
No Risk Listing
Digital consignment enables consignors to create retail demand in parallel with existing strategies
Slash Costs
Early demand reduces carrying & selling costs for the entire value chain
Lower Days to Turn
Consignor days to turn reduced, and dealers transact on vehicles without financing costs

Learn how Wippy’s software platforms can help your site be more profitable and your consignment sell vehicles faster for a higher lift!

Wholesale-to-Retail Intellectual Property

Wippy has a number of non-provisional patents in the U.S. and Canada (issued and pending) that cover all angles of the process.