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Get the same wholesale access dealers do.

Looking for a more efficient shopping experience? Skip past the sales pitch, book your test drive, and ditch the hidden fees.

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Shop high-quality used cars online.


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Early access to quality, low mileage vehicles with detailed descriptions of condition. See a full feature breakdown plus any imperfections.

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Start your purchase

Provide your name and phone number, then choose a Wippy Certified Retailer. They’ll call to set up your test drive and discuss any trade-ins or financing.


Make a deposit

The Wippy Certified Retailer will arrange a deposit that goes toward down payment.

Take your test drive


Take your test drive

Your vehicle will arrive at your Wippy Certified Retailer within ~5-7 days so you can take it for a spin. Don’t like it? Our representative will refund your deposit, no questions asked.

Get your keys


Get your keys

We’ll help you gather everything you need so you can finalize purchase with no surprises—you already know your price! Walk away with keys to your shiny new ride.

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Got a trade-in?

Estimate your trade-in’s value online, then your Wippy Certified Retailer will verify quality and condition. Apply the value toward your new vehicle.

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Financing & Pre-qualification

Pre-qualify online without impacting your credit score. Finance with your Wippy Certified Retailer or a third party—your choice.

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Don't Spend Money On Things You Don't Need

With traditional shopping, you’re paying for extras.

Vehicles listed on the wholesale market are sold at auction before shipment to local markets. With traditional shopping, you pay for extras on top of the price of a car, like:

  • Transporting the car to auction
  • Auction fees and costs
  • Retail marketing costs
  • Space on a retail lot
  • Dealership costs, commissions, and fees

Save Up to 10% or More

Wippy gets you early wholesale access without the extra cost.

You're the one in the driver's seat.

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