Smarter Way to Buy and Sell Inventory as a Dealer

Wippy allows you to:

  • The most innovative dealer tool since the newspaper ad.
  • More sales with less floor plan.
  • Beat the online dealerships at their own game.
  • Your tool to attract tech-savvy buyers.

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See How Wippy Cars Works

Wippy's patented platform allows dealerships and wholesalers to list wholesale vehicles at no cost and no risk through the following steps:



Early Access to Wholesale Vehicles

Wippy receives inventory data directly from OEM wholesalers before that inventory has been re-marketed. The Wippy platform then creates a retail listing.



Automated Listing Publication

Wippy pushes these listings to Wippy's own public website and even to OEM websites (upon their approval).



Streamlined Reservations

When a buyer selects a vehicle, Wippy allows the buyer to choose their preferred dealership and prequalifies them with your products, including financing and service options. You get notified with the prequalified buyer reservation details.


Turn Key

No-Hassle Closing

The wholesaler then sends the vehicle to your lot, where you close the sale, after which you pay for the vehicle. You even get the opportunity to offer the customer additional products and services!

Why You Should Join Our Network

Wippy cuts out the middlemen involved in expensive remarketing processes. As a result, vehicles listed through Wippy save over 10% on costs, so vehicles can be listed at a significant discount to the market, while you make the same profit (or more!) as a regular sale.

  • No, we don't ask for your data!
  • No, we don't charge a monthly fee!
  • Yes, you keep all the profit from the deal!
  • Yes, you can sell all your F&I products!
  • No, we don't reveal your profit to anyone!

What Differentiates Wippy From the Noise and Why You Should Apply Today

Finally a solution where everyone wins!



Gain higher net proceeds and faster sales by turning vehicles earlier in the remarketing process.



Generate at least the same profit with no carrying costs and can sell their own F&I products and dealership services.



Save up to 10% or more, plus a return guarantee and a streamlined purchase process.

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