Quality Assurance

  • What is condition of these used vehicles?

    Wippy screens available inventory and only shows you higher quality vehicles with a detailed description and pictures showing any dings etc. Your dealer will also make sure everything is up to spec like tires, breaks, etc so your ride is ready to roll!

  • Do you provide a CarFax® report?

    We do! You can get a copy of the vehicle's CarFax® from the dealer you select for pickup. Just ask them when they reach out to you to coordinate the closing. We want to make sure you know as much about your car as possible before you buy.

  • Are these vehicles safe?

    Of course! Your local dealer will perform the full safety inspection and address any issues necessary before you come in.

  • Can I test drive before buying?

    Absolutely! Your car will be delivered to the local dealer and be available for you to test drive and ask any questions.

  • What if I don’t like the car when I see it?

    If your online selection does not meet expectations when you go to test drive it, then you can walk away for free – no harm no foul!


Ready to Shop for Wholesale Cars?

Wippy is developing a dedicated app to make the most of your mobile car buying experience. Until then, to see our incredible selection, visit WippyCars.com on desktop or tablet for the full experience.

  1. Reserve a car at wholesale pricing.
  2. Pick up in retail condition at your preferred dealership.
  3. Keep the savings of 10% or more!

Go ahead, open WippyCars.com up on your computer or tablet. We'll wait!