Wippy 3-Step Process

  • What is the 3-step process?

    Wippy has simplified the process of purchasing a used car online into three easy steps: Search, Select, Drive.

  • How does searching work?

    The Wippy platform lets you specify exactly what you are looking for and then shows you matching available vehicles. Your search can be saved, and the results are updated every day automatically.

  • Can I just browse inventory vs searching?

    Definitely. Who knows, you might find something unexpected and surprisingly affordable given the Wippy savings!

  • How do I select my car for purchase?

    Easy - just click on the “Reserve” button! You can then pre-qualify for finance or explore a trade-in if you want to and we will take it from there.

  • How do I create an account?

    Click on the login link and follow the step-by-step process – it’s short and painless!

  • Are there any deposit requirements?

    Once you select a vehicle and reserve it for purchase, your Wippy selected dealer will call you and to take a small deposit to secure that vehicle as part of your down payment. If you change your mind at pickup, you get every penny back – no hassles!

  • Are there other costs or hidden fees?

    Absolutely not. We are completely transparent. With Wippy, you only pay for the government required title, registration and tax costs plus a small dealer fee for document processing. That’s it. Period.

  • Am I able to test drive more than 2 cars at once?

    No. We’re confident that your first choice will be your best choice.


Ready to Shop for Wholesale Cars?

Wippy is developing a dedicated app to make the most of your mobile car buying experience. Until then, to see our incredible selection, visit WippyCars.com on desktop or tablet for the full experience.

  1. Reserve a car at wholesale pricing.
  2. Pick up in retail condition at your preferred dealership.
  3. Keep the savings of 10% or more!

Go ahead, open WippyCars.com up on your computer or tablet. We'll wait!