Wippy Difference

  • What is Wippy?

    Wippy is a new platform that lets you select high quality used vehicles from wholesalers and buy them at a local dealership.

  • What is the Wippy difference?

    For the first time YOU, the buyer, are in control. YOU get inside access to inventory that fits your budget, YOU estimate value your trade-ins, and YOU gain insight into financing options.

  • How does Wippy save me money?

    Wippy cuts out the middleman by connecting you directly to wholesale inventory which saves money that goes to you!

  • Where does Wippy get its vehicles?

    Wippy vehicles are coming off lease or out of rotation from a fleet management or rental company.

  • Who is Wippy and how was it founded?

    Wippy was founded by two tech guys that were on a mission to revolutionize the car market. And here we are!

  • Where are you located?

    Our office is located in downtown Chicago. Wippy is now launching in greater Chicagoland and we will be expanding to other metropolitan areas later in the year.


Ready to Shop for Wholesale Cars?

Wippy is developing a dedicated app to make the most of your mobile car buying experience. Until then, to see our incredible selection, visit WippyCars.com on desktop or tablet for the full experience.

  1. Reserve a car at wholesale pricing.
  2. Pick up in retail condition at your preferred dealership.
  3. Keep the savings of 10% or more!

Go ahead, open WippyCars.com up on your computer or tablet. We'll wait!